Key People

Chris Hartman, President, has an Honours B.A. in Economics (University of Essex, U.K.). Her general business background is complemented by experience in both electronics manufacturing and commercial programming.

Contact Chris by email: chREMOVEris [AT] hartmaREMOVEntech [DOT] com

Rick Jenkins, Senior Design Engineer, has an Honours BSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, (University of Birmingham, U.K.). He has been Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. His work and consulting experience in Canada and England have resulted in broad expertise in electronics and software design.

Contact Rick by email: riREMOVEck [AT] hartmantREMOVEech [DOT] com

Diane Gagne, Computer Engineer, has an BSc. in Computer Engineering, University of Calgary. She brings a broad range of experience in software to Hartman Technica, with skills in GUI design, microprocessors, web services and IT.

Contact Diane by email: diREMOVEane [AT] hartmantREMOVEech [DOT] com

We also have people with a wide range of expertise available on an "as needed" basis.